A few milestones during the past five years: 900 videos, 18K urban landscape photos, 1.2K visual blog stories in English, Italian, and Portuguese.


    Piccola Italiana, Big Dreams (2016-ongoing project)

    The beginning of an entrepreneurial journey

    When a passion becomes an entrepreneur's idea, and this idea becomes a business. The journey has started telling this story with a powerful digital marketing tool. We produced, filmed and edited by greatfuturestories, this first video of the series reached 42K views within two months.

    Piccola New Yorker (2017-ongoing project)

    Creating engagement and new leads with co-branded cinematic storytelling

    Then, we came up with a series of videos to grow engagement. Plus an anchor short film in a co-branded project, from script writing, to production, to editing, to sound design, to post-production. Then, we attracted brands interested in product placement. The result is a beautiful cinematic storytelling video. Also, weekly live videos from the streets of New York (250+ videos and counting), shared on social media channels, keep the audience always interested in learning more and more.

    #WorldOfGUESS campaign (2016-ongoing project)

    International communication between a social influencer and a big brand

    GUESS USA was searching for a top model in Brazil to be one of the stars in the #WorldOfGUESS campaign. greatfuturestories was the interface between Brazilian top model Flavia Charallo, a social influencer with 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and GUESS USA We have managed all international communication between GUESS and the influencer, business contracts, and the creative tone of this project.

    The Welcome Vlog + Blog + Social Media (2015-2018)

    Immersive content strategy creating 360-storytelling

    In 2015, a former traditional online tourism company was running and operating 15 destinations online – in theUSA (New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Niagara Falls) and in Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence). How to successfully attract the digital audience? greatfuturestories.com has designed The Welcome Hub, a digital hub hosting The Welcome Blog, The Welcome Vlog, and social media channels. Within three years, we have created 630+ live videos which has generated highly engagement with some videos reaching more than 600K live views and the top ten videos 1.2 million live engagement.

    Leblon Cachaça (2014-2016)

    From 2-D to 5-D​

    The challenge: find a sponsor to team up with on creating, designing, and producing new cocktail menus for some of the coolest Brazilian bars in New York City.


    The answer: brand matchmaking, which brought us the perfect brand to sponsor this project, and get tons of exposure. We have created a 5-D branding device. Sensory branding makes the experience with a brand much more memorable and enduring. That is how the first ever bottle menu was designed. It has made drinkers interacting with the device, taking pictures and making videos with the hashtab #liveloveleblon

    Daniel Mirkov Adventure Entrepreneur


    Telling personal stories from 57 countries

    Daniel Mirkov is a free spirit. He has been visiting or living in more than 50 different countries. Also, he has lived in São Paulo, Brazil, where he's met his wife. Since then, he put together all his adventures in two different books: Blue and White Train (editions in Serbian, Portuguese, and English) and Blue and White Bike. greatfuturestories has designed and has been managing the digital strategy for his first book – including social media channels and blog stories.

    Cafes do Brasil​ (2015-ongoing project)

    Multimedia Content: Digital and Sensory

    Did you know that 70% of all the coffee you drink at Starbucks comes from Brazil? Brazil produces the best coffee in the world, but due to a lack of marketing, few people are aware of it. To change this perception, the BSCA - Brazil Specialty Coffee Association commissioned 9branding to design a solution. We've put together a thematic lounge where business and pleasure were walking hand-in-hand, and where touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound were being stimulated inputs all the time.

    Embratur–Brazilian Destination Marketing Bureau (2014)

    Sponsorship Promoting a Big Hug​

    How do you promote tourism in Brazil during the FIFA World Cup 2014? We had a lovely conversation with The Christ the Redeemer and The Statue of Liberty. 9branding was playing matchmaking, and it worked. We put them together in a thematic lounge in New York City - and the Brazilian Destination Marketing Bureau was more than happy. During the World Cup, Brazil welcomed 6.5 million tourists in one month alone.

    Cisa Trading | Amyr Klink (2003-2006)

    Content Changing Attitudes

    greatfuturestories collaborates with two giants to create an award-winning project: Amyr Klink, explorer and sailor, and Cisa Trading, the largest trading company in Latin America, create sponsorship promoting new adventures and improving teamwork. In one year, Cisa Trading's sales team was able to increase sales by up to 33%.

    Telefonica | Botafogo F.R. (1998-2002)

    Innovative Sponsorship

    How do you generate US$ 9 million through marketing actions in less than a year? Well, truth is, we had one of the most powerful soccer brands in Brazil, let alone the world, in our hands - Botafogo F.R. However, we made it even stronger. And as a sponsor, Telefonica had great R.O.I. For instance, 16,000 women (world's record in 2001) and 110,000 Botafogo fans at Maracanã stadium attended one soccer match alone - which was the record in Brazil and in the world.

    Coca-Cola | Sao Paulo F.C. (1998-2001)

    Creative Content ​Touching Human Five Senses and Beyond

    São Paulo Futebol Clube is the 3rd largest soccer club in Latin America, and Morumbi stadium is the second largest stadium in Brazil. We invited Coca-Cola and McDonald's to design the first-ever double-facing restaurant at Morumbi stadium. Meaning, the restaurant would work both during soccer matches, with concession windows facing the street and to the interior of the stadium, and facing only the street the rest of the days – which they have done successfully. The implementation depended on the club

    Banco do Brasil Beach Volleyball International Circuit (1992-1997)

    Sports Touching Customer's Heart ​

    Founded in 1808, Banco do Brasil, the largest bank in South America and the 15th largest in the world (2014) has sponsored BB Beach Volleyball Circuit since 1992. Lucas Compan was part of the team in charge of designing this incredibly successful long-lasting project (27 years in 2019). The results were beyond great, to the point that we were getting much better R.O.I. with sponsorship than advertising. The project now is a co-branded sponsorship between SEVEN brands.